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The Triv
Cheers to you attending the celebration this evening.
think i may still have a toon on wolfsbane not sure though.
The Triv
Faeblight i avoided cuz it was the RP sever but i seemed to go there alot on my instant adventures im gloomwood.
The Triv
hey bradd im on wolfsbane. ofcourse my toons have triv names. most likely be on Trivs, my mage.
Guys Read my comment about 'raid last night'
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This site will be a repository for all things related to the Bloodmage class in Vanguard. It is a work in progress and data will be added here as we get contributions.

Click on the Repository link above the ad, to read the current articles. Go to the forums to add your contributions and discuss those articles. 

Thank you for the donation Krolk! You are much loved and appreciated! The website is now paid for the next 6 months! 


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